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The Bandit is hired on to run a tractor trailer full of beer over state lines, in hot pursuit by a pesky sheriff.

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original title: Smokey and the Bandit

genge: Action,Comedy


imdb: 5.2

duration: 1h 36min

tags: Time to take to the road, for a quiet little drive in the country...or not.

budget: $4,300,000

keywords: sheriff, coorsbeer, trucker, eighteenwheeler, convoy, towtruck, truckdriver, rig, cbradio, roadmovie, roadtrip, speed, ontheroad, policechase, gasstation, firstofseries, famoussong, eavesdropping, end

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Bandit and Cledus are two truck-driving southerners who accept a dare from big-shots Big and Little Enos to pick up a truckload of beer from Texas and return it to them within a specified amount of time. Picking it up is simple enough, but as they are leaving Texas, Bandit unwittingly picks up Carrie, a hitchhiking bride-to-be who just left her groom, Junior, at the altar. Junior, however, is the son of Sheriff Buford T. Justice. And when Buford and Junior discover what has happened, they go on a "high-speed pursuit" across the Southeast to catch the bandit. In the summer of 1976 "Big Enos" Burdette, a flamboyant Texan aspiring to political office in Georgia, needs a vast quantity of beer for a rally, but the brand of beer he wants is Coors which at this time cannot be legally transported across the Mississippi, and at least one attempted shipment has already been intercepted by police. To get this job done, Burdette recruits modern day moonshiner Bo Darville, nicknamed Bandit for his previous exploits, for a hefty six-figure payment. Darville in turn recruits his pal Cledus Snow and his eighteen-wheeler for the job, entailing driving from Georgia to Texas, picking up 400 crates of Coors beer, and returning to Georgia, all in a span of twenty-eight hours. To draw off the heat of snooping state police, Darville will drive interference for Cledus in a hot Pontiac Trans-Am, the two of them maintaining contact via citizen's-band radios and the seemingly bizarre lingo used within. The trip to Texas and loading of beer goes without interruption, but the trip back to Georgia begins to pick up complications when Darville is stopped by a runaway bride, Carrie, who is fleeing a forced marriage to the son of a full-of-himself Texas county sheriff, Buford T. Justice. Sheriff Justice's pursuit of his prospective daughter-in-law soon becomes an interstate high-speed pursuit involving police from four states and also the intervention of varied interstate truckers aiding Darville and Cledus as they close on Enos Burdette's Georgia bash. I have to admit, i enjoyed this movie years ago back in the day...

That being said, the car scenes would have been on par with the standards of the day. Now however, they are incredibly bad. Every facet of this movie is totally annoying. Burt Reynolds plays a tiresome role as the 'legendary' Bandit, humorous parts are funny due to one laughing AT the film, not with it and be warned, in addition to appalling shots, you have to be a loving country music addict to enjoy the score, and the support acting is, well don't even bother going there. The only hopefully was Sally Field, but at this point in her career, she hadn't defined the skills that would later give her a relatively good reputation.

All in all, do not waste your time with this movie, unless you like ugly American Trans-Am cars or extremely crappy, lazy dialogue and plot line that makes you wish the movie would hurry up and conclude. Smokey and the Bandit is a good movie, But not as good as Sam Peckinpah's latter day classic ''CONVOY''.I suggest if you want to have a good time and watch a good trucker/car chase movie, go rent CONVOY, if you can't find it then rent Smokey and the Bandit. Still I give smokey and the bandit a 10 rating. There is a parade of roadside set pieces involving may different ways to crash cars. Overlaid is citizens band radio jabber (hence, the title) which is loaded with downhome gags. Field is the hottest element in the film. Smokey was CB slang for the Police, especially state troopers who would often wear Smokey the Bear style hats.


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